My Commitment


I believe in all cases it is important to take time to understand an individuals complaint to assess the best way to help you. I will look at your main reasons for seeking acupuncture along with your general health and well-being, lifestyle, emotions, diet, working environment and so on. By taking everything into account I will devise a treatment plan that works alongside your everyday commitments to try and help restore harmony back to your body and mind.

I will always offer you a professional, safe and friendly environment to be treated in.

Fertility, IVF and Pregnancy

Many women are seeking Acupuncture for support with IVF, this has become clear to me as I have seen a distinct increase in my practice in the field of fertility, whether that is through IVF or naturally. Many choose acupuncture when they realise they are experiencing problems conceiving and the acupuncture becomes part of their …


My teenage daughter has been suffering stress incontinence for about five years and during that time we have visited a number of consultants and, although the medication was working I was fearful she would have to use medication for her entire life. We met Emma and discussed my daughters’ health issues. She was lovely, very …


I was a little Sceptical at first, but my stress levels are now under control. I was recommended Emma at Harmony acupuncture through a friend of a friend, and I have to say was a little sceptical and apprehensive at the beginning but that soon changed. I was suffering with stress and anxiety from my …