Acupuncture, IVF and me – Elaine

We were about to start our third cycle of IVF treatment when I read a magazine article about a couple that had had acupuncture treatment during their IVF and found it to be very beneficial for stress. So I contacted Emma and booked a consultation. IVF is one of the most stressful periods of anyone’s life and while I was under no grand illusions that acupuncture was a miracle treatment I thought it would at least help with my stress levels.
Emma carried out a very thorough first consultation, taking a full medical history and explaining how the treatment would work. The treatment was adjusted throughout the IVF cycle in order to assist the IVF.
Emma was extremely professional throughout and a great support. The acupuncture made me feel more relaxed and able to cope with the IVF treatment throughout its different stages and I would recommend it to anyone. I am now expecting twins in the next couple of months and have seen Emma for further treatment for back pain which has made a huge difference.
I would certainly not hesitate in contacting Emma again for any further treatments for anything that may arise in my life. Thanks for everything Emma!