Womens Health & Fertility

Specialising in Fertility Acupuncture – I have worked with many types of fertility issues over the years.  Understanding medical protocols and working alongside these is a key part of the treatment plan. Keeping myself up to date with the latest fertility treatments and understanding the medication fertility clinics use is crucial in order support my fertility patients fully.

Specialising in Womens health – Acupuncture can offer support throughout all the stages of your hormonal transitions.

Bringing back your hormonal balance can help relieve symptoms such as: period pain, hot flushes, irregular cycles and more.


1st appointment – includes full consultation and treatment is £58

All follow up appointments – £48



Fertility 6 week package – £283
Saving you the In-depth consultation worth £10


Fertility 12 week package – £538
Saving you the cost of one full follow-up acupuncture treatment at £48.